Sing out of yourself – GRO”Woman” towards the light!

Individual self-knowledge singing lessons in Hungarian for women with Meshi Guessous!

From the pen of a current student: “Meshi participated in the entire spiritual process that worked on me in the last semester, and it would not have started in the first place if I had not met him, if he had not been so selfless, accepting, open, loving, supportive and benevolent. His human kindness helped me accept myself, it was his being that started me in the true direction of self-acceptance.”

I look forward to my new female students, along with my existing students, who want to get to know themselves and their inner workings even better through their voices! 💜

How to apply?
If you are interested in the opportunity, ask for details in a private message on Facebook OR via the email address The number of places is limited.

What are the prerequisites for applying?
There isn’t. All you need is a great deal of courage and curiosity, nothing else! 🙂 The point is not the “beautiful” voice, but the soul, through which you can find your voice.