Mesi Trio

Guessous Mesi Trio:

Majda Mária Guessous Hungarian-Moroccan Junior Prima Award winning singer first formation. The Mesi Guessous Trio was formed with Ivan Barvich and Gerzson David Boros in 2011.                Mesi Trió MOM

Their Music World is based in Hungarian and various Turkish people songs intertwining, but of course the Moroccan music tradition is reflected in their repertoire due to Mesi Moroccan roots.

With this formation Meshi has given several concerts here in Hungary and in abroad (Spain, USA, Canada, Turkey, Bahrain).
They give regularly concerts in Turkey where they love them as their own actions and enthusiastically mediate to the Turkish media.
The domestic Turkish community also likes them very much. They give regularly concerts in the Yunus Emre Turkish Cultural Center in Budapest and not only foreign, but also domestic – connecting the two nations – and already the audience also met important diplomatic event several times.


„The Rainbow Bridge” (2011)
“GladMesh” (2013)
These albums meets in Hungarian, Turkish and Moroccan
folk songs the colorful reality of human life wide open for us.


Mária Majda Guessous: singing, instruments: saz, lute

Iván Barvich: Instruments: kaval, flutes, taragot, cello tambura, riq

Gerzson Dávid Boros- darbuka, tar, bendir, riq, doromb

Ivan Barvich

In the 1980s Ivan Barvich became a well-known folk musician in Hungary as a member of the band Zsarátnok, pioneering in Balkani music. Ever since he has participated in 40 albums. He has also been a guest musician in several bands like Yashko Argirov, Robert Mandel, the KMB and the Balkan Fanatic. He has also worked together with Ferenc Sebő, Parov Nikola, Márta Sebestyén, Szilvia Bognár, Kálmán Balogh or even Bea Palya just to mention a few names.

During the 1990’s he spent quite a few months with the Irish „Riverdance” show-band, touring all over the world, for example on the Broadway in 2000. In 2006 he received the Artisjus Prize for his music in ’Pannon Fresco’ staged by the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble.

Presently he is publishing articles and critiques on ethnography in the Folk Magazine. In 2010 The House of Heritage released his book on harmonizing tambura, which partly aims at promoting the educational importance of folk music and partly at familiarizing the lay public with the heritage of the Hungarian tambura. Presently he is a musician in the Sebő-band as well.

Dávid Gerzson Boros

Dávid Gerzson Boros lives in active musical life since at the age of 9.
He learned clarinet, piano but today he prefer percussionist enter the stage.
He has been enchanted by the drums of different peoples: mostly Turkish, Indian and Moroccan rhythms revolve between his fingers.
Masters: Soner Tezcan Turkish percussionis, Mansur Bild Turkish music teacher, Pt Gangani Rajesh Indian tabla artist and Moroccan Abderrahim Amrani singer-instrumental artist.
His bands Guessous Mesi Trio was formed Hungarian, Turkish and Arabic Music-World, and Meshinda bands built on the  Hungarian and Indian musical tradition.
He introduced himself already outside Hungary, including Granada, Istanbul, Ankara, New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, Delhi, Manama, and in Baku.