Rainbow Bridge (2011)


“My first CD was released in November 2011, in which I invite the listener on an inward journey. The music cradles a child, who then sprouts and blossoms into trying to find his/her partner, they fall in love, get married, mature spiritually, and then inevitably return to their creator.

On an exciting folk musical journey we can discover the contextual and musical parallel between Turkish and Hungarian folk music. You can also hear Moroccan folk music, which is a bud waiting to be opened within my heart, as after all I am Moroccan on my father’s side.

The music, which is beaded onto a string, is in its parts deep, meditative, and momentous, and with many small fragmented  musical mosaic cubes, we are nonetheless presented with a whole in the end.

A rainbow bridge is born, through which the cultures of the world and the days of our lives are tied together from our birth to our passing.

On the CD, Iván Barvich and Dávid Gerzson play as guest musicians. The musical producer of the CD is Iván Barvich. The release of the CD was sponsored by Folkbeats, and for that I am very thankful to them.

From heart to heart,

Mesi :)”

Those who would like to take home The Rainbow Bridge please send an e-mail to the following e-mail address:guessousmes@gmail.com