19.06.2024. Győr (Hungary)

Time: 21:00-23:00


“Meshi” Majda Mária Guessous – vocals, bağlama
Iván Barvich – kaval, ney, harmonizing tambura, cello tambura
Dávid Gerzson Boros – bendir, daf, darbuka, hum, rattles
Tamás Smuk: darbuka, Moldavian drum
László Szlama – koboz, schalmei, flute

A colorful flight carpet woven from the songs of two worlds awaits you! If you get on it, you will find yourself next to Mesi and his fellow musicians, with whom you can fly into a magical world through the gems of the Hungarian and Turkish musical tradition. The musicians invite you on an inner journey: you can peek into the world of Hungarian and Turkish everyday life on flying carpets.

A child is rocked by the song, then this child grows up, looks for his partner, falls in love, gets married, matures in his soul, and returns to his Creator. During our exciting folk music journey, we can discover the musical and content parallels of Hungarian and Turkish folk songs. In the songs strung on a string, deep, meditative, and energetic parts alternate, and these many small mosaic pieces finally come together into a whole. The concert gives an insight into Mesi’s five albums released so far, from “Szivárványhíd” (2011) to “Tőlem-Neked” (2022).
A bridge is born that connects peoples, cultures and major turning points in our lives from our Birth to our return to the Creator.