About Metamorphosis-Summary

I create songs, which represent not only art itself, but also have a social message. I am in contact with different social and medical institutes which deal with those of less fortunete. (Foremost with refugees, ,sick children, homeless people).
My aim is to create songs with the help of these people via personal conversations. A song which represents their fate. These people can give and teach a lot through their persistence, humbelness and joy for those, who seem to live a wholesome life. My goal with my album ’Metamorphosis’ is to create bridges between the souls coming from all kind of backgrounds .
„Through songs, I would like to become a bridge between different people and different cultures. It is through music that I can best experience and express the nature of life and song, in the hope that it is not just I, but also others who take wing.” (Meshi – Majda Mária Guessous)