14.11.2023. Istanbul

“From Me To You” concert in Istanbul with Turkish guest artists!
Location: Sarıyer Belediyesi Yaşar Kemal Kültür Merkezi
Time: 19:00

The concert will also be a record presentation (Tőlem-Neked, 2022), but at the same time, most of the songs will be disguised differently from the record. In addition to these songs, other Hungarian and Turkish folk songs will also be performed at the concert.

GUESSOUS MESI (vocals, bağlama)
DÁVID GERZSON BOROS (darbuka, bendir, jaw harp)

Guest artists:
ERDAL ŞALİKOĞLU (vocals, bağlama)
OKTAY ÜST (kemençe)
UĞUR CÖMERT (bağlama)