27.09.2021 M5 Libretto

Mária Majda Guessous spoke on the album of Metamorphosys in the M5 Libretto show.

29.05.2021.Recent interview on Fidelio!

Our Turning Moments – Interview with Mesi Guessous Singer-Songwriter

17.02.2021.Another Metamorphosis album review!

  We are grateful to Sándor Olasz for the wonderful lines! Mesi’s album can be purchased here:–dalok


BETWEEN TOP WORLD MUSIC TOP RECORDS IN 2020, there is also Metamorphosis!

14.12.2020.Radio Kossuth

Mesi in CALENDAR!  She told Dóra Kádár about the Transformation! The interview can be replayed here (at 15:52):