02.03.2023. The CD “Tőlem-Neked” (From Me to You) is also available digitally!!

Today, Meshi’s first solo album, named “Tőlem-Neked” (From Me To You) WAS PUBLISHED ON ALL DIGITAL PLATFORMS!! Here is the link: https://bfan.link/tolem-neked
If you want a physical copy, you can order it here: https://www.tomtom.hu/hu/kiadvanyok/adatlap/368/tolem-neked
Listen, learn, and sing with love!!

IMPORTANT information about the disc: this is not an ordinary disc. Why is that? The album lets you get to know 10 well-known Hungarian and Turkish folk songs, but you can listen to all of them in two languages ​​and in two different arrangements. The main reason for this is that I would have liked the specific folk song to be included in its translation (so that people can easily absorb the content of the specific song from beginning to end in their native language). Of course, I also wanted to sing the songs in the original language, so a folk song was born in two versions.

Heartfelt thanks to Tom-Tom Publishing and Erika Magyari, the soul of the publishing house!
And most of the translation of the songs is due to the translation of Dr. Erdal Şalikoğlu, many thanks to him for everything!!