The Department of Folk Music is 15 years old!

Location: Budapest Academy of Music, Great Hall

Time: 19:30

More info:https://koncert.zeneakademia.hu/mindenprogram/2022-10-02-nepzene-tanszek-15-10865?fbclid=IwAR0oyrPx2IiQVI0wS7yJFgWXmccbK_7NU48ICmXO6nqHIqFWUtFyZHSss7U

Mesi and her fellow musicians are preparing with a special lineup:
Voices of distant landscapes – folk songs from Béla Bartók’s collection from Turkey (1936) and Algeria (1913)

Musicians: Mária Majda Boros-Guessous (vocals), László Szlama (flute, koboz), Dávid Gerzson Boros (davul, darabuka), Saïd Tichiti (guembri), Tamás Smuk (darabuka)